Made for Global Game Jam 2017, with theme "Waves".
We recommend using Headphones for this game.
Play in Fullscreen!

-3D Surround Sound Environment
-Echolocation Vision
-Thriller storytelling through multiple sound cutscenes
-Breathing variation system with degenerating health
-Healing room with relaxing music, visit to regenerate health
-Piano Puzzle, play the right melody to unlock the door
-Elevator Exit

Note: Game ends at the elevator. Press Escape to Escape.


Louis Seah - Lead Programming, Game Design & Level Design
Said Karam - Game Design, Art & Production
Yew Jia Zheng - 3D Level Models, Programming

Sound Effects, Music and Voiceovers
Gwen Guo, David Chew, Amanda Lim, James Lau, Natalie Mello

Special Thanks to Peter Nguyen for Programming Support!

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